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1. R. Chavers

From the moment we entered into the office, there were lots of smiles and very pleasent personalities. Not only did my daughter and I feel welcomed, but we felt there was a genuine desire to provide excellent service to their customers. In my opinion, this work ethic exists due to the high expectations of the dentist. I found Dr. Morris to be very friendly and professional. I especially liked how he explained to my 16 year old daughter about why it was necessary to have her wisdom teeth removed. In addition this, he shared with her some of the details of the oral surgery. Overall, we had a superb visit!

2. Sylvia Jimenez

Hi, I am always scared to see the dentist. I had my teeth cleaned and my dentist said I needed braces. But first, I had to have all my wisdom teeth removed. OMG! That was a scary thought for me. I KNOW there is no way I could be awake for that. My dentist referred me to a specialist, Darryl Morris DDS, so that he can put me to sleep while I get my teeth removed. Dr. Darryl Morris and his staff made me feel soooo comfortable. Everyone was very friendly and considerate of my feelings. They knew I was very nervous. I was sooo nervous I had tears. One of the staff, gave me a nice hug and told me that everything was going to be ok. Dr. Darryl was a total sweetheart. He spoke to me about my teeth and also put my nervousness at ease by sounding confident on everything he told me. I was in and out of there real fast. I was put to sleep and did not feel any pain at all. When I woke up my hubby was waiting for me and drove me home. I was given some pain killer meds. It’s been a week and a half that I had all four teeth removed and I have not had any pain at all. Anyone who needs oral surgery, I totally recommend going to Dr. Darryl Morris. He makes you feel very comfortable and talks to you on a personal level. His staff is also nice and friendly, which makes his office visits even better! if I would have known having my wisdom teeth removed was actually nothing to worry about, nothing to be scared of, I would had them removed years ago. If I ever have to have oral surgery, I will NOT let anyone other than Dr. Darryl to be my surgeon. He is the best. from, the happiest Patient Sylvia.

3. Rachel Salcido

I just had my wisdom teeth extracted, and I was very nervous about getting the procedure done. All of the Dental Assistants were wonderful at making me feel comfortable. Dr. Morris is so nice and comforting! He is very funny! I loved how he showed my mom and me computer videos about the wisdom teeth extraction. He showed us what could happen if I didn’t get them taken out, and what the procedure looks like. When you wake up after the procedure, you feel dizzy and weird, but everyone was there waiting to help me into the “relaxation room”. I wanted to fall asleep there! Then, as I left, they wheeled me out to my car and helped me in. It was all in all a great visit (even though it hurts). Everyone was exceptionally nice and friendly! Dr. Morris is definitely the best!!

4. Cecile Ross

Dr. Morris once again, I want to thank you for such a pleasant experience in your office. You and your staff are amazing. I had been putting off getting my wisdom tooth extracted for some time because I had heard horror stories from friends and family that have previously had the procedure done. I’m here to tell you, what they described is nothing close to what I experienced in your office. You made me feel so comfortable, even though I didn’t get your cranberry joke. I think I was stricken by terror at the time. (Smile)

Not only was my experience so pleasurable but I experienced almost no pain at all afterward. I was in such good shape once I finally came to. I was waiting for the pain to kick in but it never did. You promised pain-free and you delivered. I’d recommend you to friends, family, co-workers etc. You are brilliant at what you do. I am so glad I was referred to you. I read your reviews online and those are the most genuine reviews I’ve read in a long while. Once again.you are brilliant!

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